A sophisticated design tool built
with State Machines in Mind

Reduce your development time by 50 percent

About us

From Design to Source Code

FsmPro seamlessly lets you generate code from state diagrams with a simple button.

FsmPro takes care of the overhead of code maintainence for you. You just have to spend time on making your state diagrams better.

Design + Code + Documentation = FsmPro

FsmPro has a built-in documentation system that lets you maintain systems with extensive documentation and link to external tools.

With FsmPro, you can extensively document each project entity from individual software modules to a single variable.

About us


FsmPro comes with a set of features which makes it easy to work with it. Some of them are listed below.

XML based

FsmPro is xml based which reduces the possiblity of data loss

Support for macros

Create global variables which span across multiple state machines

API support

Support communication between Software modules with the help of API's

Extremely fast

FsmPro is built solely for the purpose of designing State Machines with no additional overhead making it super fast to use.

FsmPro is Cross Platform

Available for Windows and Linux. Please contact us for macOS support.